Make a modification or report a change.

Make a modification or report a change.

Would you like to change or pass on something with regards to your pension at Zwitserleven? Most of it can be done fully online. For some modifications a signature is required. Is the modification you would like to make not in the list? Please contact us. 

Change of address.

Do you have a new address abroad or are you moving to the Netherlands from abroad? Please inform us of your change of address.

Change an account number.

Change your account number now.

Breaking up: documents for distribution.

Around a break up or divorce a lot of things have to be arranged. Like the division of your pension.

Report a fatality.

After a passing there are unfortunately a couple of practical matters that the next of kin have to arrange. Here you can report a passing.

I am going to retire.

Pass on your pension commencing payment here.

Pass on transfer of accrued benefits.

Do you have a new job? Then you have the possibility to transfer your pension to the new pension scheme at your new employer.

Pass on Expiration.

Here the documents can be uploaded for changing the pension date, purchasing of pension income, and pension insurance buy-out.

Attestatie de vita doorgeven.

Upload hier het ingevulde 'Bewijs van in leven zijn'.

Upload additional documents.

Upload your additional documents here.

Loonheffingskorting wijzigen.

Wilt u de loonheffingskorting van uw pensioeninkomen wijzigen? Dat kan via dit formulier.