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Your pension upon passing. 

We'd rather not think about it. But it is nevertheless wise to arrange your income in time for when you are no longer here. Especially with your surviving dependants in mind. A pension will often already provide for payments to your surviving dependants.

Pension & fatality

Pension & fatality

What happens to your pension if you pass away?

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Report a fatality

You do not have to notify us of a death that has occurred in the Netherlands. We will contact the surviving dependant(s). In the event of a death abroad, we would like to receive a death certificate.

What does your pension mean for your surviving dependants? 

With a good pension, your family will not suddenly have to move to a cheaper house or give up hobbies when something happens to you.

Term life insurance.

You don’t want your partner having to give up the lifestyle you had when you die? In that case, you should take out extra insurance, which will pay out a lump sum to your surviving dependants. Give them a secure future.

What do you get and what do the children get?

What do you get and what do the children get?

Picking up daily life again after your partner passes away is not easy. In any case, with a good pension, life goes on financially.

Do I have to pay inheritance tax?

Do I have to pay inheritance tax?

When you pass away, you will probably leave an inheritance. This can be your assets, but also your pension and an extra benefit such as term life insurance.