New job.

Congratulations on your new job! 

Do you have a new job? Congratulations! Do not forget you have accrued a pension with your previous employer. You can take the value of that pension with you to your new employer's pension scheme. This way you keep all your pension savings together.

Can I take my old pension with me?

Can I take my old pension with me?

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How to arrange the transfer of accrued benefits

How to arrange the transfer of accrued benefits

If you change jobs, you can take your previously accrued pension with you to the pension provider of your new employer. Is such a value transfer a good idea in your case and what should you pay attention to? And how do you apply for it? 

Transfer of accrued benefits is not always the best option.

The pension scheme at your new job

When you start a new job, a lot is going on. Does your new employer have a pension scheme? There are differences between pension schemes. For example: what is and is not included in the pension scheme? And will you be required to contribute to the costs? It is always a good idea to compare pension schemes. And to check out what this means for you personally. By filling in the pension comparison tool you will gain more insight. Our checklist will help you to ask your new employer the right questions.

How much pension have I accrued? 

When you retire, you will probably be just as energetic as a 50-year-old. But how energetic will your pension be? Zwitserleven has a number of useful tools to help you gain a good understanding of your situation.

More insight in your pension

You can check at MijnZwitserleven whether you will have enough money to keep doing the things you like.


What does a new scheme mean for your pension? 

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