Retiring earlier or later

Do you know when you want to retire? You are entitled to a retirement income from your retirement date. You can choose to receive it earlier or later. For example, because you want to stop working sooner, or want to continue working a little longer. In that case, you will have to bring forward or postpone your retirement date.

When will you receive your pension?

You receive your retirement income on your retirement date. The retirement date is the first of the month in which you reach the retirement age. In MijnZwitserleven, you can see your retirement age in the pension details. Options may be different per scheme. You could, for example, have several pension schemes through the same employer with different retirement ages. The retirement age in your pension scheme is not always the same as your state pension age. This allows you to receive your Zwitserleven pension income earlier, but also later than your state pension.

Check out your retirement date in MijnZwitserleven

What will your retirement income be?

In MijnZwitserleven, you will see the expected retirement income at the time of your retirement. You can also see what it would mean to retire earlier or later.

Bringing the retirement date forward

If you want to retire earlier and receive your retirement income earlier, you can bring your retirement date forward. You can do so at the earliest at the age of 55. Please bear in mind that, in that case, your retirement income will be lower.

Good to know:

  • If you want to receive your pension more than 5 years before your state pension, you are no longer allowed to work after the early retirement date. Unless you can prove that you need your pension because of loss of income. 
  • If you are still working, your employer must agree. 
  • You can use your submit a request between 6 and 3 months before your desired retirement date. 
  • You will receive a proposal for early retirement from us. 

Postponing the retirement date

You can receive your retirement income at a later date, if you postpone your retirement date. You may postpone the retirement date of your old-age pension up to a maximum of 5 years after your statutory retirement date. 

When can I postpone my retirement date?

  • You will receive notice of your pension 6 to 4 months before your retirement date. 
  • We will then inform you about the available options for your pension. 
  • You may choose to receive your retirement income later. 
  • After your retirement date, it is no longer possible to postpone your retirement date. 
  • You can receive your old-age pension or early retirement pension later if you are still working. 

Extra income for later

With PensioenAanvullen, you can accrue extra income for later, on top of the pension you accrue through your employer. You determine the contribution you want to make and it is flexible: you can change it whenever you want.