Engaging to counter deforestation.

Engaging to counter deforestation.

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It could hardly have escaped your attention: the forest fires in the Amazon. Fires in the so-called lungs of the earth are becoming more frequent and are not unique. But the number of fires has increased alarmingly over the past 7 years. And the consequences are huge: species of trees, plants and animals disappear forever, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere increase and the quality of the air we breathe decreases.

How we use our engagement

The risk of forest fires is much higher in the dry season in July and August. But most of the fires in the Amazon region have been intentionally ignited to create space for agriculture and cattle breeding. In order to fight this cause of deforestation, ACTIAM is holding talks with companies in the soy and livestock sectors. These sectors are largely responsible for deforestation in the Amazon and surrounding regions. The purpose of the talks: transparency about the economic activities leading to deforestation. And we encourage the companies put a complete halt to further deforestation due to their activities.

We are calling on companies in the soy and livestock sectors: 

  • to redouble their efforts to fight deforestation in the context of their activities;
  • to implement and publish a specific policy which contains obligations to prevent deforestation;
  • to identify deforestation risks associated with their suppliers’ activities and minimise these risks;
  • to set up a transparent monitoring and verification system for supplier compliance;
  • to report annually to stakeholders on incidents, control systems and the steps they are taking to end deforestation.

Our engagement in soy and livestock farming has recently started. We will share any new developments with you as soon as they occur.

This article is published on 18 January 2020

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