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Rectification Costs Scheme.

Rectification Costs Scheme.

Rectification costs are the costs incurred by a financial adviser to rectify errors made by an insurer. Zwitserleven is no longer allowed to pay these costs to advisers. Instead, you will receive an invoice from your adviser. After that, you can reclaim the rectification costs from Zwitserleven.

Maximum compensation

Zwitserleven uses an hourly rate for the reimbursement of rectification costs. This rate includes all costs such as travel expenses and postage. Your adviser's hourly rate for the rectification work may not exceed the rate stated on his or her website. Or which he or she calculated for other work. You will never be reimbursed more than the costs of your adviser's invoice. With a maximum of €1,000.

The scheme in short

The rectification costs scheme is based on the rectification costs scheme of the Dutch Association of Insurers. You can use this when:

  • There is an error in an offer or contract (the so-called output).
  • You or your adviser have reported this to Zwitserleven.
  • The error has not been adequately rectified or not within a reasonable term. And you or your adviser have reported the error to Zwitserleven again.
  • The error has been acknowledged by Zwitserleven and you have suffered a loss as a result of it.

This is how you can claim rectification costs

In order to qualify for reimbursement of rectification costs, you must do the following:

  • Fill in the rectification costs claim form.
  • Submit a copy of the invoice you received from your adviser. This invoice also includes a specification of the rectification costs incurred by your adviser.