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Tax return and your pension.

Are you looking for factor A (benefit accrual in calendar year) or annual statement for your tax return? Read here when you need it and where you can find the necessary information.

Factor A (benefit accrual in calendar year)

You need factor A if you want to calculate your tax allowance to deduct any annuity premiums. For the 2019 tax return, you will need your factor A (benefit accrual in calendar year) 2018. Factor A (benefit accrual in calendar year) can be found on the last page of your uniform benefit statement (UBS). You can find your 2019 UBS under your documents in MijnZwitserleven. Check out the step-by-step plan below.

Have you not used your tax allowance from previous years? You can use the tax allowance for up to 7 years previously. More information can be found at Tax and Customs Administration. Factor A (benefit accrual in calendar year) of previous years can be found in the uniform benefit statement of previous years.

To MijnZwitserleven

Instruction: where and how do I find my factor A (benefit accrual in calendar year)?
  1. inloggen in MijnZwitserleven
    Click on the link above to go to MijnZwitserleven. You can log in with your DigiD or with your Zwitserleven account. 
  2. inloggen in MijnZwitserleven
    In the overview screen of MijnZwitserleven, you can click in the menu on Documents. 
  3. kies uniform pensioenoverzicht
    On the page Documents you choose under Type document Uniform Benefit Statement. Click then on the button Show documents
  4. download document
    Download your Uniform Benefit Statement 2019 by clicking on the icon with the arrow on it, that is next to the document. 
  5. factor A op uniform pensioenoverzicht
    Open the document. On the last page you can find the benefit accrual in calendar year factor A. 

Pay attention: you can only see a factor A if there have been pension contributions for this policy. Were you accruing a pension elsewhere? Then you can go to the pension provider with who you accrued your pension in 2018.

Annual statement

You will automatically receive your annual statement before the 1st of March 2021 regarding the year of 2020. You will receive this either through post or digitally, depending on your settings. Your gross pension income of last year will be noted on your annual statement. In addition, you can see which amounts have been withheld in total. 

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