Change or pass on information.

Change of address

All changes of address within the Netherlands (of persons who receive a periodic benefit payment from Zwitserleven) will automatically be communicated to us by your municipality.

However, in one of the following situations, you should notify us of the change of address:

  • You receive a one-off payment from Zwitserleven
  • You are moving within a foreign country
  • You are moving from a foreign country to the Netherlands
  • You are moving from the Netherlands to a foreign country

You can inform us of your change of address by sending a letter or e-mail. Click here to inform us directly about your change of address. Please specify your customer number(s) and your registration number(s) in your e-mail or letter. You can find these numbers in the top left corner of the payout statement.

Change of bank account number

If the IBAN where you receive your payment changes, you can let us know easily. Use the 'Changing the account number for payment'. You can also let us know in writing to the following address:

Zwitserleven Afdeling Payment Services
Postbus 274
1800 BH Alkmaar
The Netherlands

Please make sure to specify your customer number(s), registration number(s) and your old IBAN when letting us know about the change. You can find your customer number(s) and registration number(s) in the top left corner of your payout statement. We will send you a written confirmation as soon as the change has been processed.