When you start living together, finding a place and making it your home comes first. That’s only logical. However, remember to also make the necessary financial arrangements. With a cohabitation contract, for example, in which you set out the agreements you have made. And you should also think about your will and your (partner's) pension. What will you do together, what individually. There are many ways to arrange this exactly the way you want it. Zwitserleven will be happy to help you on your way.

Cohabiting and partner's pension.

You are going to cohabit. You associate this with moving house, DIY, but your pension is not the first thing that comes to mind. In this article, you can read what you must be aware of and what you can do.

Cohabiting and partner's pension.

You're going to move in together. Aside from rearranging and moving it is also wise to take a moment to think about you and your partner's pension. In this article you will read what you need to pay attention to and what you can do.

What to specify in the cohabitation contract?

Cohabiting is a big step. Going to a notary for a cohabitation contract is part of the deal. But what do you want the contract to specify? Read more about this here.

Your money and your partner's money.

Which property and accounts are jointly owned by the partners, and what are each of your individual belongings? Read more about it here.

Your will and your pension.

Once you have signed the cohabitation contract, lots of things will already have been arranged. However, make sure to also consider your will and your pension.