End of cohabitation and pension.

If you are no longer living together, there will be consequences for the partner’s pension. Regardless of whether you have a cohabitation contract. Your ex-partner is entitled to a partner’s pension. 

Special Partner's Pension

The Dutch Pensions Act specifies that an ex-partner is entitled to the partner's pension accrued up to the date on which your relationship ended. This is called special partner’s pension. The special partner’s pension is for your ex-partner upon your death. 

Are  you waiving the right to a special partner's pension?

In that case, you can agree on this in an agreement that you draw up with your ex-partner. You can also fill in a 'Waiver of special partner's pension' together and submit it to us. 

Old-age pension

Your ex-partner will be entitled to half of your old-age pension. The Dutch Equalisation of Pension Rights in the Event of a Divorce Act states that this right applies only in the event of a divorce or if the registered partnership ends.