Transfer the accrued benefits of your pension

Do you have a new job and are you accruing a pension at Zwitserleven? You could take the value of your previously accrued pension(s) with you to your new pension policy. This is known as a transfer of accrued benefits.  How do you request it? Is transfer of accrued always a good idea? When are accrued benefits automatically transferred? Read more about it here. 

How can you request transfer of accrued benefits?

You can request us or your employer to take care of the transfer of accrued benefits. An adviser can work with you to determine whether transfer of accrued benefits is a good idea in your case.

Is the transfer of accrued benefits always a good idea?

Whether you will benefit from the transfer of accrued benefits depends on the differences between your old and your new pension scheme. That is why you should compare the schemes in detail. 

When are accrued benefits automatically transferred?

Do you have a small pension with another pension provider (2021: €503.24 gross per year) and are you now accruing pension with us? In that case, your previous pension provider may transfer the value of this small pension to Zwitserleven. If the pension provider makes use of this option, the transfer will take place automatically. You do not have to do anything and will be notified when the value of your small pension has been transferred.

Have you built up a small pension at Zwitserleven? In that case, your small pension will stay with us. We will not automatically transfer this to your new pension provider. However, you can apply for a transfer of accrued benefits through your new pension provider. 

Upload transfer of accrued benefits proposal

Have you requested the transfer of accrued benefits and do you agree with the proposal? Easily upload the signed proposal here.