This is how you take care of your dependants if you die before you retire

Of course, you hope to stay fit and well. Still, it is good to know that your children can get an orphan's pension if you die before your retirement date. Whether this has already been arranged and how much depends on your pension scheme. You can see this in MijnZwitserleven.

No orphan’s pension yet?

Your employer may also let you choose whether to arrange such a pension. This is called a voluntary cover. Your employer will deduct the additional premiums for this from your gross pay. This means that you will pay no tax on this.

What you need to know about voluntary cover

There are three things to consider when thinking about taking out voluntary cover.

  • It is voluntary cover that you can choose if this cover is not already included in your pension scheme.
  • You make your choice within 3 months of commencing your employment or of registering for the pension scheme with Zwitserleven. After that period, we may ask questions about your health to check whether you can be insured or possibly refuse coverage.
  • In MijnZwitserleven, you can see what voluntary cover you can choose. You can easily opt in yourself here.

When to opt for orphan pension?

With this voluntary cover you will insure the orphan’s pension your child(ren) will receive if you die. In MijnZwitserleven you can find until when this is possible. What if both parents (caregivers) are deceased? Then the children will usually receive double the orphan’s pension


  • Your children will each receive a monthly amount if you die before your agreed retirement date and they have not yet reached the age of maturity.
  • This will partially make up for the loss of your income.


  • You will pay the premium yourself through your employer.
  • This is a risk insurance policy. This kind of insurance pays out only if you die before you retire. The cover will stop if
    - you are still alive on your agreed retirement date;
    - your child reaches the age of maturity stated in the pension scheme.

May suit you if:

  • You still have young children.
  • Your children depend partly on your income.
  • There are no other financial resources such as savings or insurance in case of death.

Probably suits you less if:

  • You have no children.
  • Your family lives mainly off the income of your partner, if you have one.
  • There are already other financial resources such as savings or insurance in case of death.