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I am an employer

What does the legal merger mean for you?

Same pension scheme with a new name

Your pension scheme is now called the Zwitserleven Pensioen. Otherwise, your pension scheme will remain the same and all rights and obligations have automatically been transferred to Zwitserleven PPI. Does the administration agreement, pension scheme rules or other document say 'the Foundation'? As of the legal merger, that refers to Zwitserleven PPI. You will receive a supplement to the administration agreement and your pension scheme rules for this purpose.

Your trusted employer portal in a new look

You will find all the information you need about your pension scheme in your employer portal. You can, among other things, view details of your employees in the pension scheme, notify changes and download invoices and participant reports. From now on, you should log on to where everything features a Zwitserleven logo and corporate identity. Otherwise, the portal remains the same.

Login to your employer portal

Changes to the employee portal and employer portal 

We will soon transfer the employee portal and the employer portal to Zwitserleven PPI, which we are currently preparing. We will therefore process any changes you and your employees request through the portal now slightly later than you are used to. This has no consequences for you and your employees. We expect to process changes again from 4 December 2023 and we will process them retrospectively if necessary. You can see the status of your changes in your portal. 

Add Zwitserleven PPI to your eHerkenning

If your organisation uses eHerkenning to log on to our employer portal, this will change on 4 December 2023. Your organisation will then log on to the Zwitserleven PPI portal. So your organisation will need to add Zwitserleven PPI to its eHerkenning. You should preferably arrange this before 4 December 2023.

How do you arrange this?
An authorised signatory or authorisation manager in your organisation:
1. logs on to the eHerkenning tool;
2. adds Zwitserleven PPI as an additional organisation;
3. links users to Zwitserleven PPI.

On 4 December 2023, Zwitserleven PPI will send an email to current users to activate their eHerkenning for Zwitserleven PPI. From then on, users in your organisation can log on to

Adjustment in the trading calendar 

You have a pension scheme where we invest the contribution. This is how your employees accrue a pension for later. For buying and selling investments, we rely on a monthly trading calendar, which has three trading occasions per month. We are postponing all three December 2023 trading occasions by one week. This is necessary to transfer our PPI's administration and systems to Zwitserleven PPI. And thereby ensure that the right investments are bought and sold for your employees. 

You pay the pension contribution in the usual way

If you pay your pension contributions by direct debit, this will continue. Your direct debit authorisation will automatically transfer to Zwitserleven PPI. You do not have to take any action. From now on, you will recognise debited contributions by the account holder Zwitserleven PPI N.V.

If you currently pay your contributions manually, you can continue to do so. The account number will not change. The account holder’s name will change, and become Zwitserleven PPI N.V. When you transfer your contribution to the known account number, you may get a notification that the account name is incorrect. You can ignore this notification and continue to transfer to the bank account number. Tip: update the account holder in your bank's address book.

New VAT number and Chamber of Commerce number

Since the legal merger with Zwitserleven PPI N.V., the VAT number and Chamber of Commerce number have changed. The bank account number has not changed.

  • Company name: Zwitserleven PPI N.V.
  • VAT number: 8518.00.683B01
  • Chamber of Commerce number: 55646484

Zwitserleven PPI believes privacy is important

From the time of the legal merger, Zwitserleven PPI will process the personal data of your employees. Zwitserleven PPI needs this data to operate, maintain and improve its products and services. If you wish to know more about how Zwitserleven PPI handles the privacy of your employees, read our privacy statement.

Switching to the Zwitserleven Nu Pensioen

The merger created a unique opportunity to jointly develop an improved pension product. We are now working on improving the existing Zwitserleven Nu Pensioen. In it, we will combine the best features of both PPIs. You can switch to this product from summer 2024.

Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact your designated contact person, who will be pleased to help. In addition, you and your employees can contact the service desk. From today, call the new phone number 020 - 578 37 20.