Een boot vaart op de blauwe Achensee in Oostenrijk. Op de achtergrond zijn een begroeide heuvel en een blauwe lucht te zien.

About us

Who are we and what do we do?

The Zwitserleven Pensioen has been a product of Zwitserleven PPI, a premium pension institution, since 1 December 2023. Zwitserleven PPI is part of Athora Netherlands N.V.

Athora Netherlands is one of the leading insurers in the Dutch pension market. Athora Netherlands distinguishes itself from competitors by focusing strongly on what it is very good at: accruing assets for future income. Athora Netherlands operates on the Dutch insurance market through the well known insurance brands Zwitserleven and Reaal. An important subsidiary of Athora Netherlands is Zwitserleven PPI N.V.

Athora Netherlands is part of a financially powerful European insurance group with a strong focus on long-term life and pension products. Through Athora Netherlands Group, Athora Netherlands can draw on unique investment expertise that helps achieve healthy, sustainable and secure returns for customers. You can read more on the Athora Netherlands website.