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I am an employee

What does the legal merger mean for you?

Same pension scheme with a new name

Your pension scheme is now called the Zwitserleven Pensioen. Otherwise, your pension scheme will remain the same and all rights and obligations have automatically been transferred to Zwitserleven PPI. Does your administration agreement, pension scheme rules or other document say 'the Foundation'? As of the legal merger, that refers to Zwitserleven PPI. You will receive a supplement to the administration agreement and your pension scheme rules for this purpose.

Your trusted employee portal in a new look

Your employee portal contains personal information about your pension. This portal allows you to easily understand your pension situation, compare your expected retirement income with what you need and make adjustments. That will not change. What will change, however, is the internet address you log in to. And of course, everything will feature a Zwitserleven logo and corporate identity. You will receive further information about this. From now on, you should log log on to, where everything features a Zwitserleven logo and corporate identity. Otherwise, the portal remains the same. 

My online portal

Our app

Our app also gives you insight into your pension and your monthly pension contribution. Have you already installed the app and is auto-updating turned on? Then the app will automatically be adjusted with the new name and Zwitserleven house style.

Change to the trading calendar

You have a pension scheme through your employer in which we invest the contribution. This is how you accrue a pension for later. For buying and selling your investments, we use a monthly trading calendar. There are three trading dates each month. We are postponing all three December 2023 trading dates by one week. This is necessary for the transfer of the administration and systems of our PPI to Zwitserleven PPI. And thus ensure that the right investments are bought and sold for you.

Zwitserleven PPI believes privacy is important

From the time of the legal merger, Zwitserleven PPI will process your personal data. Zwitserleven PPI needs this data to operate, maintain and improve its products and services. If you wish to know more about how Zwitserleven PPI handles your privacy, read our privacy statement.

Any questions?

Then please contact the service desk on business days. From today, call the new phone number 020 - 578 37 30.