Return on investments 2023 funds

You accrue a pension with us by investing. As a result, your pension depends on the performance of investments. Another word for performance is return. In this post, we briefly tell you about the market developments in 2023 and what the performance of the investment funds has been over the year 2023.

Return on investments 2023

Return on investments 2023

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Market developments in 2023

The year 2023 was characterised by more stability in global stock markets compared to the turbulent stock market year 2022. Expectations were not high initially, but 2023 turned out to be a good year for investors. Interest rates, which were still rising in early 2023, fell towards the end of the year. This trend, along with falling inflation rates and the rise of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), gave investors confidence and contributed to value gains in equity markets.

Smart Investing: Tailoring to your stage of life

The investment funds are part of a lifecycle. A lifecycle is a mix of investments. As part of the mix, we match the investments to your age and make sure you invest slightly less risky the closer you get to your retirement date. This means we change the allocation of investment funds so that investment risk is reduced. For example, if you are young, you automatically invest more in the Rendement fund, which tries to achieve a return. This is important for accruing a good pension. As you get closer to your retirement date, you invest more in Matching funds. The aim of these funds is to reduce risks and keep the purchasing power of your pension as steady as possible.

Investment fund results in 2023

Below is an overview of investment fund performance in 2023. These results are compared with the results of the corresponding benchmarks. A benchmark is a yardstick for comparing the performance of our funds. All results shown are net of transaction costs and before deduction of annual management fees (OCF).

2023 return fund 2023 return benchmark Since start os return fund (on an annual basis) Since start of return benchmark (on an annual basis)
Matching Short fund 6.24% -1.03% 1.57% 0.59%
Matching Long fund 7.04% 0.57% 2.46% 2.12%
Rendement fund 14.30% 13.66% 7.33% 7.12%

The value of your investments

The current value of your investments and your personal lifecycle can be found under My investments on your employee portal. You can find a forecast of your expected pension in your Dashboard.