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Transferring capital.

Capital that you have accrued with another pension insurer can be transferred to Zwitserleven. Have you taken out an annuity insurance, capital insurance or capital account with Zwitserleven or another financial institution in the past? And would you like to transfer this account or policy to an insurance with Zwitserleven or another financial institution? That is referred to as a transfer of capital.

Capital Transfer Streamlining Protocol 

In order to ensure a smooth transfer of capital, insurers, banks and investment institutions have reached certain agreements. These agreements are laid down in the Capital Transfer Streamlining Protocol (PSK).

Participants of the Protocol include:

The protocol applies to the following products:

  • Annuity and Golden Handshake capital (insurance, savings accounts and investment rights, including periodic payments)
  • Other capital from which periodic payments are made
  • Individual pension capital not covered by the statutory rules on transfer of accrued pension benefits
  • Capital Insurance, Own Home Capital Insurance, Own Home Savings Account and Own Home Investment Right

The Dutch Banking Association and the Dutch Association of Insurers provide comprehensive information on the Capital Transfer Streamlining Protocol on their site.

Request a capital transfer

The transferring provider will need certain data from you. You will need to fill in a capital transfer application form. Additional information and documents will often be required, e.g. a copy of an identity document. You will find which data and documents are required in the information from your current provider. Your financial adviser has an overview of the required data for most providers participating in the protocol.

Tax-related products cannot freely be withdrawn. That is why financial institutions take into account the legal and tax-related rules. This prevents you from having to pay taxes on the capital transfer. Therefore, please provide accurate information about your transfer.

The transfer of capital between the two financial institutions starts when the application is complete. The current provider determines whether all data is available. Therefore, carefully check the requirements to be met by your transfer for your current provider.

How can I apply for a capital transfer to Zwitserleven? 
How can I apply for a capital transfer to Zwitserleven? Your financial adviser will provide you with a capital transfer form. You can also download the form.  Submit this form to your current financial provider. Before sending it to your financial provider, you would be well-advised to consult their website to check which criteria have to be met to request a transfer. We will receive a transfer document and the money from your current provider. We will make sure to deposit the money in your account as soon as possible.