What is VrijBeleggen?

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With VrijBeleggen, the employee is personally responsible for the investment composition. Zwitserleven determines the investor profile, based on the completed questionnaire, but the employee can change the investments at any time. The employee is also responsible for decreasing the level of investment risk over time. Every year, Zwitserleven informs the employees whether the investments match the investor profile and the time remaining until the retirement date.



What does VrijBeleggen do for the employee?

  • Determine a personalized investor profile online
  • Annual assessment of the investments
  • Ample choice of investment funds
  • Ability to opt for the RendementsGarantie

The employee determines how to invest

With VrijBeleggen, the employee can choose between Zwitserleven-, iShares and ASN funds. The employee can adjust the investment portfolio by placing orders online. If the employee wants to change the level of investment risk, he/she will have to change the investment allocation. The level of investment risk is not automatically reduced as the retirement date approaches.

The investor profile gives the employee a guideline for the investment allocation. If the employee has a Moderately Conservative profile, for example, he/she should invest less in equity funds. Zwitserleven assesses the investments against the investor profile at least once a year. We inform the employee, who can then decide to change the investments.

With VrijBeleggen, the employee needs to pay attention to price changes that could affect the final pension benefit. This option is especially interesting for people who have some knowledge of investing and like to follow the stock markets. VrijBeleggen means that the employee determines how to invest.


With VrijBeleggen, the employee can also opt for a guaranteed return, the RendementsGarantie. This type of guarantee is based on the yield of Dutch government bonds. Every year, the employee receives a minimum return of 1%, but the return can also be higher than 1%. The employee receives a guaranteed minimum return after selecting this option until the retirement date. A guaranteed return seems nice, but please note that investments that are too conservative can result in lower returns and reduce the amount of actual pension benefits after retirement.

Please NOTE:

Investing pension money does always bear risk! The pension is not guaranteed. This applies to all forms of investments.