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Zwitserleven ProfielBeleggen enables employers and employees to invest with peace of mind. ProfielBeleggen consists out of five lifecycles ranging from conservative to aggressive. Zwitserleven creates the investment mix for you, based on a lifecycle model. This lifecycle model automatically reduces the investment risks as the retirement date approaches. It is designed to take advantage of opportunities that generate good returns, while at the same time gradually reducing the investment risks.

ProfielBeleggen gives employees the convenience of an automatic lifecycle with the ability to align the lifecycle with a personalized investor profile. Unlike HorizonBeleggen, the personal investor profile in ProfielBeleggen is determined through a questionnaire. The personalized profile determines which lifecycle fits your employee best.



What does ProfielBeleggen do for employees?

  • The investments are aligned with the employee's personal situation.
  • Invested in a mix of equities, bonds and real estate.
  • Automatic gradual reduction of the investment risks as the retirement date approaches.

Your employee determines the profile, Zwitserleven invests

The mix and the reduction of the investment risk will vary depending on the profile, in addition to the employee's age and number of years to his/her retirement date. The investor profile is also important. If the investor profile shows that the employee would like to take more risk, more initial investment risk will be taken. This investment risk will then be reduced gradually. The employee does not have to get involved. Zwitserleven will automatically adjust the investments, but is not responsible for their return or whether or not these investments generate enough pension. The employee is also responsible for determining whether the investor profile still matches his/her personal investor profile. The pictures below describe the composition and the risks of the five profiles that are available for ProfielBeleggen.