Your pension premium is invested responsibly.

Zwitserleven invests your pension in companies that operate responsibly. That is good for your financial future. And for the future of our planet.

Our clients entrust their pension premium to us each month. We invest those premiums in companies that act responsibly. We believe that such companies are better prepared for the future and, therefore, yield a higher return. In addition, it is in this way that we contribute to a better world. All the deposited premiums together provide an impressive flow of funds with which we make an impact on the world.

What does our responsible investment policy look like?

We select companies.

Our asset manager ACTIAM assigns a sustainability score to the countries and companies they invest in: the 'ESC rating'. ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. We check whether the company adheres to agreements on:

  • Human rights
  • Labour rights
  • Corruption
  • The environment
  • Weapons
  • Integrity
  • Animal welfare

We exclude companies.

We do not invest in companies that violate international treaties. These companies run a higher risk of accidents, lawsuits and reputational damage as well. As Zwitserleven does not invest in these companies, the investments are at a reduced risk.

We talk to companies.

Sometimes, companies do not meet our criteria, but we do engage in talks with them. We try to find out why they are violating the treaties and how this can be prevented. Together, we aim at structural improvements.

We participate in the decision-making.

By voting at the company's annual general meeting of shareholders we can exert an influence on the state of affairs of a company and on their policies. With our investment policy, we contribute to the ambitions of the Paris Climate summit: to limit global warming to less than two degrees.