Sale of VIVAT by Anbang completed.

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On 26 July 2015 it was announced that the sale of VIVAT to Anbang Group Holdings Co. Ltd., a full subsidiary of Anbang Insurance Group Co. Ltd. (Anbang), was completed.

VIVAT Verzekeringen comprises the brands: Zwitserleven, Zelf, Route Mobiel, Reaal, Proteq, Proteq Dier & Zorg and ACTIAM.

VIVAT is now part of Anbang, a leading Chinese insurance company. The Dutch Central Bank (DNB) previously issued the Declaration of No Objection, as was announced the by Minister of Finance in his letter to the House of Representatives dated 10 July last. The Central Works Council has also issued positive advice. The CIRC (the Chinese insurance regulator) also gave its approval on 23 July last. The Minister of Finance thereupon gave his final approval for the sale, making the sale, as announced on 16 February last, final. Anbang will strengthen VIVAT’s capital position, creating room to invest in the future.

Customer FAQs

1.    What does this mean to me as a customer? 
The sale to Anbang will change nothing as far as our existing customers and business associates are concerned. Our customers will retain all the rights and obligations inherent in the products they have taken out.

2.    I am currently a customer of , Zwitserleven. Is anything going to change? Will my product fall under the Anbang brand in the future? 
Our brands are household names in the Netherlands and for that reason we are retaining them. Anbang is going to become our shareholder. As soon as there are any developments relating to our products, services or brands, we will inform you immediately.

3.    Who is Anbang? 
Anbang Insurance Group Co. Ltd. is a leading insurance company based in Beijing, China with more than 30,000 employees. It provides a comprehensive range of financial and insurance services and products to more than 20 million customers, including life insurance, pensions, health insurance, property and casualty insurance and asset management. Since its founding, Anbang has delivered excellent results to its clients and the most advanced technology to enhance the customer experience. As a Chinese insurance company with an international vision, Anbang has established a strategy to offer complete, globalized services to its clients and to realize stable, long-term returns through asset allocation around the world.
More information about Anbang.

4.    Why did VIVAT Verzekeringen have to be sold? 
The sale was one of the conditions which the European commission imposed after the nationalisation of SNS REAAL on 1 February 2013. The new owner of the insurance company is also going to reinforce our capital position. This in turn will give more space to implement the organisational changes that have been initiated and to prepare our company properly for the future.

5.    How will I as a customer be kept up-to-date? 
As soon as any developments take place which are relevant for our customers, we will inform you immediately via the usual channels.

If you have any questions, please contact the staff at Zwitserleven. They will be very happy to help you.

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