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Pension: what do you get and what do the children get?

Pension: what do you get and what do the children get?

Picking up daily life again after the death of a partner is not easy. In any case, with a good pension, life goes on financially. You won't suddenly have to move to a cheaper house or give up your hobby. 

Anne has a setback: she receives 70% of the pension accrued by Dick until the time of his death. This is, of course, far less than the pension they would have received if Dick had continued working until his retirement date. When Anne makes a list of her income and expenses, it becomes clear that she will have to find a job for a few days a week, if she wants to maintain the same lifestyle.

It is unfortunate that she and her husband did not realise this before Dick's death. If they had realised, they could have taken out a voluntary additional death pension. There are many differences in pensions and therefore also in the amount of the pension you receive when your partner dies. For example, an employer may also take out a pension for his employees which, in the event of premature death, is based on the pension that the employee would have accrued if he had reached retirement age. The benefit statement shows what the coverage is in your case. If you have any further questions, please call Zwitserleven. The specialists who work there will be happy to help you.

Sometimes the death of your partner will also entitle you to state surviving dependants’ benefits under the Surviving Dependants’ Insurance Act (ANW). Visit the website of the Sociale Verzekeringsbank  to check if you are eligible for this. You can apply for ANW benefit from the Social Insurance Bank.

Do you want the inheritance?
You can accept or refuse an inheritance as follows:

  • Accepting outright
    This means you accept the inheritance in its entirety.
  • Under benefit of inventory

    You will have the opportunity to check if there are more debts than assets. In that case, it will be better to refuse the inheritance, otherwise you will be paying for the debts of the deceased. Acceptance under benefit of inventory will require you to go to a court to accept the inheritance.

  • Refusal
    You are also required to go to court in this case.

What do the children get?
The children will each receive an orphan's pension until they reach the age of 18 or 21. This is usually 14% of the old-age pension. In the pension scheme rules you can read how the orphan's pension is accrued. If both parents die, the children usually receive 28% of the old-age pension until they are 18 or 21 years old. If the children are studying or have a disability, the pension will in many cases be paid out even longer. Orphans may also qualify for benefits under the Surviving Dependants' Insurance Act(ANW).

Anne does not have to pay inheritance tax over the pension she receives after Dick's death. However, the value of the pension is deducted from the amount not subject to tax, because of this exemption for partners.

This is how you calculate the value of the pension: The pension company will state the annual payment of the pension. Multiply the annual pension payment by the factor that corresponds to your age (see table below) and the result is the value of the pension. Deduct 30% from this value because of the so-called deferred income tax and divide the amount by two (half of the pension is in fact already yours). Deduct the result from the exemption.

Pension beneficiary's ageFactor
Ages under 2016
Ages between 20 - 30 15
Ages between 30 - 40 14
Ages between 40 - 50 13
Ages between 50 - 55 12
Ages between 55 - 6011
Ages between 60 - 6510
Ages between 65 - 708
Ages between 70 - 757
Ages between 75 - 805
Ages between 80 - 854
Ages between 85 - 903
Ages 90 and over2