Get more out of your pension capital.

Get more out of your pension capital.

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Use your right to shop around

If you are about to retire, you will have a number of choices. One is to determine the insurer from which you want to buy your pension income. That is, if you participate in a capital or premium scheme. Comparing different insurers to get a suitable pension is called the right to shop around.

Compare insurers

The right to shop around gives you the right to buy a pension from another insurer than the one where you accrued the capital. Few people, however, know that this is possible and remain with the same insurer. That's a pity, because shopping around can be very rewarding: By comparing the conditions of the various insurers, you will get the best value for your money.

Shopping at Zwitserleven

Do you have one or more pension funds with which you intend to buy a pension income? Then be sure to take a look around at Zwitserleven, especially if you are already our customer. This will allow you to conveniently house several pensions under one roof. Of course, you should also ask other pension providers what they offer; the pension income may just be better there. You decide what you find important and what is decisive for you: The amount of the pension income, the conditions, convenience or sustainability.

Do you have the right to shop around?

Take a look at your uniform pension overviews (UPOs). If you see the word premium or capital scheme, you have the right to shop around. Are you participating in an average or final salary scheme? Then you will receive a certain amount from your retirement date, usually monthly. You do not have to buy a pension income and therefore do not have the right to shop around.

This article is published on 15 February 2022