Transfer of accrued benefits to Zwitserleven.

You can simply request transfer of accrued benefits from your employer or via MijnZwitserleven. This depends on the type of pension scheme you have. Sometimes a transfer of accrued benefits takes a long time. This is due to the different steps in the process. Please take the following steps into account:

Transfer of accrued benefits to Zwitserleven.

  1. Requesting a transfer of accrued benefits

    You request a transfer of accrued benefits.
    We will retrieve the details of your pension from your previous pension provider.

    Request transfer of accrued benefits

  2. Statement of previous pension provider

    Your previous pension provider sends us a statement with the value of your accrued pension. 

  3. Transfer of accrued benefits

    We will make a proposal based on the stated value. The proposal will state the pension you will receive from Zwitserleven for the pension you are transferring. Please note! Don't just sign the proposal. Transferring your accrued benefits is not always the best option.

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  4. Agree with the proposal

    Do you agree with the transfer of accrued benefits? If so, sign the proposal and send it back to us.

  5. Final transfer of accrued benefits

    We ask your previous pension provider to transfer the value of your pension to us. This value will be integrated into your pension. We will provide you with an amended pension policy.