Zwitserleven Lifecycle Model has improved.

Under HorizonBeleggen and ProfielBeleggen, an asset mix is used reflecting equities, property, corporate bonds and government bonds. Zwitserleven determines the individual mix of your investments based on a Lifecycle Model. This Lifecycle Model has been improved to increase your chances of adequate returns.

New in the Lifecycle Model

Together with an independent adviser, we reviewed the Lifecycle Model. We found that the model could be optimised by adding slightly more risk and applying a better risk reduction schedule. The result is an improved Lifecycle Model that increases your chance of receiving a higher pension.

What has not changed?

The investment funds in the Lifecycle Model have not changed. Consequently, the fund fees have on average remained the same. However, as different employees have different asset mixes, the fund fees may change at an individual level.

Exclusively for later

You trust us with your pension contributions each month. We then invest these contributions in companies that adopt responsible business practices as we believe they are better prepared for the future and therefore generate better returns. But that is not all. Through our investments, we hope to contribute to a better world - a world that is still beautiful when you retire.



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