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Adjustment of pension scheme.

Perhaps you are thinking of reducing or adapting the pension scheme for your employees and you have any questions about this. You will find the answers below. Working with your adviser or Internal Account Manager, we will look for a suitable solution.

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Rebalancing and life cycle investing – how does it work?

Zwitserleven sets certain bandwidths. The assets are rebalanced as soon as a bandwidth is affected. The bandwidth has a 15% relative margin. This means rebalancing occurs as soon as a fund, comprising 50% of a life cycle, undergoes a weight increase or decrease of 7.5%.

If the pension scheme is reduced, what does this mean for the contribution waiver in the event of occupational disability? 

We distinguish three different situations: 

1. Existing fully non-contributory pension insurance
The pension insurance is already non-contributory and is paid for by Zwitserleven. Reducing the pension scheme will not affect this.

2. Existing partial waiver of contributions
The part of the pension insurance that is already non-contributory and paid for by Zwitserleven will not change when the pension scheme is reduced. The part paid by the employer follows the adjustment of the pension scheme. 

3. Future waiver of contributions
These are currently active participants whose pension scheme is being reduced. When they become incapacitated for work, the waiver may be based on the reduced scheme. This will be based on the pension scheme in force at the time that Zwitserleven determines that the participant is entitled to a waiver of contributions in the event of occupational disability.

I discussed with my employees to adjust the pension scheme with retroactive effect. Is that possible? 

Yes, it is possible to adjust the pension scheme in consultation with your employees. Unfortunately, it is not possible to do this with retroactive effect. For more information, please contact your adviser or Internal Account Manager.

Can the contribution waiver in the event of occupational disability (PVA) on the pension accrual remain at the old level? 

It is not possible to maintain the PVA coverage over a higher pension accrual than was applicable before the reduction. As a life insurer, we are only permitted to insure occupational disability cover on the basis of the actual premium level and as a percentage of the participant's income.