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Our Business Continuity Plan.

Zwitserleven has a well-designed crisis organization that can act decisively during calamities and crises. With this crisis organization, Zwitserleven can guarantee the safety of its employees and the continuity of its business operations. 

The entire set of measures is laid down in, among others, the Business Continuity Policy, Business Impact Analyzes, Emergency Plans and Crisis Communication Plans. These plans take into account different types of crises such as cyber-attacks, data leaks, but also a pandemic, such as the current corona virus crisis. Part of the crisis organization is the frequent exercise, education and training of employees on the basis of various scenarios.

In the current situation, the Crisis Management Team has been meeting daily starting March 11th. Risk, IT, HR and the entire Executive Board are represented. As of March 16 , all employees are in principle work from home. Our offices remain open to employees for whom working from home is not an option. Because working from home is common at Athora, our infrastructure is fully equipped to allow all colleagues to work from home simultaneously according to the usual high quality and safety standards. Absenteeism due to illness is monitored on a daily basis and has not yet been increased.

For all of Athora, of which Zwitserleven is a part, a risk analysis has been carried out focusing on possible risks by Corona. This risk analysis will be updated every week so that we can directly manage risks. All key suppliers have been checked to see whether there is a risk that their processes they carry out for Zwitserleven could be endangered. No key supplier has problems, their continuity is guaranteed. We do not currently see any risks to the continuity of the Zwitserleven processes.

Zwitserleven is a financial institution that is supervised by various supervisors. Business Continuity is an important theme for supervisors. There are currently no significant findings from the regulators regarding Business Continuity. That gives an extra guarantee.