Information regarding the coronavirus and your pension.

If your employer or DGA (director/majority shareholder) you have a lot to arrange with regards to the coronavirus. For the pension scheme too you might have to make some choices. Zwitserleven is keeping tabs on the developments. On this page you will find the current information and frequently asked questions. 

Premium payments pension scheme.

You may have a question around the postponing of the premium payment. Our policy offers opportunities to find a way in this. 

Adjusting pension scheme

Perhaps you are thinking about retrenching or adjusting something about the pension scheme for your employees. Here we put an overview of the frequently asked questions surrounding this. 

Possibilities for lowering pension costs

Did you know that the pension costs do not apply to the NOW? We made an overview of the possibilities to lower the pension costs. 

Rebalancing at lifecycle investing

How does Zwitserleven handle the rebalancing at lifecycle investment? We make use of the bandwidths. At the moment that a bandwidth is being reached, we steer accordingly. 

Business Continuity Plan

With a strongly designed crisis organisation we can secure the safety of our employees and the continuity of our business processes during the calamities and crises. 

Information for employees

We can imagine that employees too may have questions with regards to the coronavirus and their pension. We made an overview of the most frequently asked questions. 

Service & Contact

Do you have any further questions? We would love to help you out!