i-Pension Surviving dependants' bridging pension.

i-Pension Surviving dependants' bridging pension.

For companies with 10 employees or more.

Zwitserleven's i-Pension Surviving dependants’ bridging pension (NOVP) is a risk insurance. It provides a temporary pension for the partner if your employee should die before the retirement age stated in the rules. The benefits take effect immediately upon your employee’s death We will pay this pension until the partner receives his or her state pension, reaches the standard retirement age which you choose in advance, or until his or her death, if this is earlier.For the administration of the i-Pension NOVP we request a one-off cost reimbursement for preparing the administration agreement and an cost reimbursement per policy per year.

Waarom het NOVP?

  • Tijdelijk pensioen voor de partner bij overlijden van de werknemer
  • Gelijkblijvende of stijgende uitkering
  • Bij arbeidsongeschiktheid geen premiebetaling
  • Geen medische waarborgen nodig
  • Extra dekking voor werknemers met jongere partner

When is it interesting for you to insure the surviving dependants’ bridging pension for your employees? 


  • you have not made any other arrangements for when your employee dies
  • the partner is not expected to receive a surviving dependants' benefit insurance if your employee dies
  • your employee's partner has no income of his or her own
  • the partner's pension that will be paid to the partner is low
  • the partner only receives a partner's pension if your employee dies after his or her retirement date
  • the pension scheme has a maximum salary. Or if the partner's pension has a maximum benefit. 

Choosing the amount of the benefit 

You choose how high the benefit should be. Most employers choose € 17,859 as the insured sum, i.e. the standard amount for 2023. However, you may deviate from this. The amount can be between € 8,929 en € 20,411 (both amounts from 2023). After the start of the benefit payment, the amount of the benefits will remain the same. You can also choose to increase the benefit by 2% each year. In that case, the maximum insured sum is €17,859. We always pay out the insured sum in full. Even if the partner receives a surviving dependants' benefit insurance benefit or has an income of his or her own.

Extra cover for younger partner 

Does your employee have a younger partner? In that case, the NOVP insurance will continue until the partner receives a state pension or reaches the standard retirement age that you have chosen in advance. Or until the death of the partner, if that comes sooner. When your employee retires, the cover will normally be cancelled. However, if the employee dies after that and he or she has a younger partner who does not yet receive a state pension, the cover will continue under the Zwitserleven surviving dependants’ bridging pension. Until the younger partner also receives a state pension or reaches the retirement age you have chosen in advance. Better be safe! This cover only applies if the employee was insured under the surviving dependants’ bridging pension up to the state pension age. You do not pay any extra premium for this. However, you must have paid a premium until the employee's retirement date.

Need a quote or advice?

As a good employer, you want to choose a pension that is right for your business and for your employees. We have a wide range of options to suit every type of business. Such as an investment-based defined contribution pension scheme, possibly in conjunction with Nettopensioen. A complete overview of our products is available.

If you would like to know more about this or any of our other pension schemes, or would like to get specific advice on a pension scheme for your employees, contact an independent financial adviser. Zwitserleven has an excellent relationship with a large number of professional insurance advisers.