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RendementsCorrectie for i-Pensioen Surviving dependants' pension.

RendementsCorrectie for i-Pensioen Surviving dependants' pension.

With an i-Pensioen Surviving dependants' pension, the surviving dependants of your insured employees receive a guaranteed pension. They do not run any investment risk. The market interest rate defines the amount of the premium you have to pay for the pension of your employees. The market interest rate fluctuates. Your premium will be adjusted to the market interest rate. This is what we call RendementsCorrectie.

For a RendementsCorrectie we compare the market interest rate with the 2.5% actuarial interest rate. In addition, the costs will also be taken into account. If the market interest rate is higher than 2.5%, you, as an employer, will receive a discount on the premium. If the market interest rate is lower than 2.5 %, you, as an employer, will have to pay a surcharge.

More information is available on the current level of discount and surcharge. Zwitserleven considers the long-term market interest rates. The SWAP curve will be used for this purpose.

RendementsCorrectie Fixed for i-Pensioen Surviving dependants' pension 

In this case, the RendementsCorrectie is fixed at the start of the contract. This means that the discount or surcharge on the premium will apply for the entire term of your pension contract. The premium does not depend on fluctuations in market interest rates. In determining the RendementsCorrectie Fixed, we consider factors such as the average age of the participants in the pension scheme.

Solvency and asset management fee 

The solvency and asset management fee together amount to 0.25%. The solvency fee enables us, for example, to guarantee the pensions if the insured parties live longer than expected. The management fee is needed for the management of the pension assets. The solvency and asset management fees have already been integrated in the RendementsCorrectie percentage in the above graph. The RendementsCorrectie is determined by means of a formula. The tipping point between a discount or a surcharge is not exactly 2.5%. RendementsCorrectie Variable and RendementsCorrectie Fixed have different tipping points.

Is RendementsCorrectie suitable for you?

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